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Creative caffeine  daily

Motivation, inspiration, feedback

...all for less than the cost of a daily latte

Writing can be lonely work...but what if it wasn't

I am so excited about launching this online community for people who are passionate about their writing. With daily prompts, and weekly partners, Creative Caffeine Daily's members get the tools (and the inspiration) they need to develop a consistent writing practice.


 Here's what a few of Creative Caffeine Daily's members have to say:

“A great idea and discipline. My best short stories have come from random prompts, and this site is a treasure trove. Even if you can't write each day, just doing this every so often can spark some amazing work”

"This is an inspired site, a touchstone for many of us lonely, doubtful, anxious writers who simply need community to give us the proper nudge! I’m grateful for it."

"Inspiration. Motivation. Comraderie. On the hard days it pulls me up from the bottom of my ocean. On the good days it adds new color to my spectrum."


Visit Creative Caffeine Daily to learn more.

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