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How to start a writing group

an online workshop to help you create your own writing group 

A good writing group keeps you motivated, helps you over those plot hurdles, lets you know if your characters are believable, and is just generally there for you.

But finding the right members for your group can be trickier than finding an agent.

This half-day workshop is designed to give writers the tools they need to form--and maintain--a supportive writing group, as well as introduce participants to potential group members.

Sunday, February 27
2 pm to 4 pm (PT)
(on Zoom)

Sliding scale:
$35 - $50

Here's how it works


We'll open with a brief introduction of all the participants, so you can begin to get to know each other.

This will be followed by a 40-minute talk on writing group logistics (how many people to invite, how frequently to meet, how much to submit, does everyone need to be writing the same genre), as well as advice on giving helpful feedback.

Then, because it's impossible to know whether you want to be a group with someone until you've heard how they give feedback, everyone will be put into groups of 3 (via Zoom rooms) to share work (500 words of your own writing). We'll do this 3 times, so you'll have made contact with with 6 other writers by the end of the session.

I'll follow up by creating a Google spreadsheet with all the information you'll need to connect with each other going forward.

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