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SF Zen Center 

This is a rare opportunity to learn from both me and A long-time zen priest (My own teacher!)

This is a special edition of my Writing & Mindfulness Workshop taught in conjunction with the famous San Francisco Zen Center.

My own teacher, a Zen Priest, will begin our morning with meditation instruction...we may even do our first meditation of the day in the Zen Center's lovely Japanese-style zendo.

Over the rest of our time together, I will lead guided meditations designed to open you up to different aspects of writing craft, ie. writing from the body, rendering the world accurately on the page, accessing empathy (even for your most recalcitrant characters).

These meditations will be supported with craft discussions and various examples from published works. 

To try out what we've learned, we will write together using prompts. There will also be time to share your work in a safe, supportive environment.

I will also talk about how to fit writing (and meditating) into your life. By the end of the day, you will have all the tools to develop your own daily mediation--and writing--practice.

This workshop/retreat is appropriate for both beginning and experience meditators and writers 

Sunday, March 1, 2020

9:30 am - 4:30 pm

at SF Zen Center 


Register through SFZC

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