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How to tell a story 

Whether we're writing fiction or memoir, we're telling a story. And we want that story to be as engaging as possible.

In this 4 week online class, we will explore all the ways we can turn our stories into the kind of book readers can't put down... and agents and publishers can't resist.

Over our 4 weeks together, we'll investigate...

  • Flashback and backstory, when to use them, how to use them, and when to leave them out.

  • Direct and indirect dialogue, and how to make the most of what your characters say.

  • How to write setting and descriptions that do some of the story-telling work for you--and put pictures in your readers' minds.

  • And most important, we'll take a good look at character desire, which is the narrative engine behind any good story. 


Every session of our class will be recorded and uploaded to a site everyone can even if you have to miss a class, you won't miss any of the material. And if there's something you want to review, it'll be there for you!

Because we'll be using Zoom, the class will be interactive, giving everyone the opportunity to ask questions in real time. 

As writers--in any genre--it's our job to tell compelling stories. So much of making that happen is how we tell those stories.

This class is suitable for writers just beginning a project, as well as writers in the process of revision.

4 Tuesdays  

April 7 - April 28

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm via zoom


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