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A month of sundays

An online writing workshop/retreat

Inspired by the popular Zoom writing sessions we've been leading through Lit Camp, A Month of Sundays is part writing retreat, part writing workshop...and a terrific way to accumulate pages, get feedback, and hone your craft.

Each 2 hour session begins with a 20-30 minute craft talk. I will solicit the group for topic suggestions, i.e. flashback, character development, dialogue...whatever you'd like to get better at. 

Our craft discussion will be followed by 90 minutes of uninterrupted writing time. I have found from my own experience that writing in community--even virtually--has a profound impact on your productivity. (Plus, we can all see if you leave your computer!)

After our writing session, I will save a little time for any questions that might have come up while you were working.

Every member of the workshop is welcome to submit up to 1000 words of new writing to me for feedback twice during the 4 week session. In order to receive feedback, work must be submitted by the Monday prior to our next Sunday session. (Note: The first Monday deadline will be October 25, ahead of our first meeting.)

I will also record all of our sessions in the event you have to miss a Sunday, or would like to review the craft talk.

Each Month of sundays session includes: 

- A half-hour craft talk

- 90 minutes of uninterrupted writing time in the company of other writers

- Individual feedback on up to 1000 words of your writing twice over the course of the workshop. (Note: writing must be received by the Monday prior to each session to be reviewed.)

Just in time for those
new year resolutions!

4 sundays beginning
January 9, 2022

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm (PT)

$65 - $85 Sliding scale

In order to make this workshop/retreat accessible to more writers, I am offering it on a sliding scale basis. Please pay what you can within the parameters above. Thank you!

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