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Writing & Mindfulness

8 week online intensive

Writing & Mindfulness online Summer intensive

Experts say it takes 21 days to begin to form a habit, and 66 days for that habit to really stick.

This 8 week summer intensive (56 days) is designed to help you develop both a daily writing and a daily meditation practice.

Using a combination of guided meditations (meant to nourish yourself and your writing), virtual writing sessions, and apps that support mindfulness and daily writing, this summer intensive will give you the tools you need to ease into daily practice.


Sunday July 12 - Sunday August 30

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

$200 - $240 sliding scale

In  order to make this intensive accessible to as many writers as possible, I am offering it on a sliding scale basis. Please pay the amount you can within the parameters.

Each session will be recorded in the event you have to miss one

Why Writing and mindfulness?

As writers, it's our job to render the world on the page, but how can we do that, if we are not paying attention to the world?

Mindfulness gives us the tools to see the world--and the people who inhabit it--as they are. 

Meditation has been shown to increase the thickness of the cortical layer of the brain, the area which allows us to focus.

Since I began my own daily meditation practice, I have experienced a profound change in my writing...for the better. Since I started a daily writing practice, I have been able to dive more deeply into my creativity.

What's included

Weekly meditation instruction

Weekly craft talk

Weekly 60 minute virtual writing session

Weekly feedback on up to 4 submissions of 1000 words

2 Month Subscription to Creative Caffeine Daily (an $80 value)

Resources (apps, articles, links to talks) to support both your writing and your mindfulness practices

How it works


We will begin our 2 hour Zoom sessions with 15 minutes of guided meditation. These will be followed by a 30 minute craft talk tailored to the group. Afterward, we will write together in community for 60 minutes. We will save 15 minutes at the end for questions.

Creative Caffeine Daily - Everyone will use the app to write at least 10 minutes every day. While you will exchange work with your Creative Caffeine Daily partner 3 times a week, I will ask that you send me a copy of each day's work to review. Find more information on Creative Caffeine Daily here.

Meditation - Everyone will commit to meditating for at least 10 minutes every day. You may use an app for this (I will recommend several), or you can sit in silence.

Feedback - Everyone is welcome to email me up to 1000 words of (ideally) new writing 4 times over the course of the intensive for feedback. Please note, the deadline for each week will be the Monday prior to each Sunday session.

Every Sunday:
During the week:
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